Memorial Giving

This gift is a thoughtful way to pay tribute to the life of a friend or family member, and give health and life to others.

How we remember your loved one

If you are donating to a friend who has lost a loved one we write a condolence letter to their family and let them know you’ve kindly made this gift.

Ways you make a donation in memory

Send your donation (cheque or money order) by post to:
C3 Research Foundation, No. 5/463,
J.J.Nagar , Valayapathy Salai,
Mugappair East, Chennai -600037
Phone.No : 9710493435

When you send your gift by post, please include the name of the person you’re donating in memory of and the next of kin’s details. Please indicate whether you consent to us informing the next of kin of your gift, including your name, address, and donation amount.

If you don’t wish the next of kin to be advised of your donation amount please make a note of this. We will not include your donation amount as a separate item; however, it will be included in an aggregated total provided to the next of kin.