10 Days To Save Mithra
Goal: ₹16,000.00
Pledged: ₹16,000.00
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She needs an expensive imported drug – Zolgensma

Everything seemed fine up until last month, when we noticed that her legs wobbled when she walked, she couldn’t sit up or stand for long… and within a few days, it just got worse. She couldn’t do anything without proper support. By the time we found out about the disease we were just left with 30 days to save our child. She is all we have and knowing that we could lose her just kills us. Now we only have 1 week!” – Priyadarshini, mother

Unfortunately, there is no treatment for SMA in India. Mithra needs Zolgensma, a one-time gene replacement therapy, and it needs to be imported. Called the world’s costliest drug, it costs 16 crore rupees and is more expensive than any family can afford alone.

I am a middle-class man, though I earn enough to provide my family with a comfortable life, it is impossible for me to gather 16 cr rupees. It’s just way beyond my means to afford this huge amount.”- Satheesh, father

Mithra is their first and only child. These parents are doing everything in their power to make sure that their daughter gets the treatment that she needs. They have managed to raise INR 7 crores through various sources and they urgently require another INR 9 crores, which is not possible without the unanimous generosity of donors across the globe.

August 20, 2021